What are you getting yourself into?


Massage therapy is several hands on techniques performed to manipulate soft tissue (muscles, tendons, connective tissue etc.) and increase joint mobility. 



-Prevent injuries                                     -Decrease Blood Pressure

-Relieve pain                                          -Improving circulation

-Relieve muscular/joint discomfort        -Impoves joint mobility

-De-stress                                              -Increasing body awareness

-Improves immune system function      -Reduces anxiety

-Rehabilitate Injuries                              -Simply to just relax.



What to expect when visiting CRMT!

-Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out necessary paper work ( general history &          consent form).

-Allow a couple minutes to discuss treatment plan: what are your major concerns, where do you have pain or    discomfort, what are your expectations for treatment and follow up.

- Wear what you are comfortable with: underwear, underwear & bra, boxers, shorts or nude. 

- Receive discussed treatment: If uncomfrotable during treatment, please don't be shy!

-After treatment: discuss findings, receive stretches or exercises if necessary.

-Rebook your next appointment according. (Don't forget!)


Please let me know if you need a receipt for your benifit plan. 

Direct Billing  for certain companies available! Please call or text to inquire if your benefit company is available for direcct biilling at CRMT!